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The safety of our customers and our crew members is job one. Da boss says so. Our pizzas are baked in a 450-degree oven to guarantee food safety. Your pizza is hands-free after bake from the oven to the box to your door.

Contactless Ordering & Delivery options are available at participating locations:


Online Ordering – use online ordering and pay and tip online


Curbside Pickup – select this option when checking out online


Handy Drive-thru pickup windows at several locations
Contactless delivery can be requested online in the notes field, or discuss your request with one of our crew members

We are doubling down on our already stringent standards through:


Reinforcement of existing sanitation


Increased cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces
And reminding our crew members what they need to do to keep themselves, their own family members and, of course, guests safe through personal hygiene including frequent hand washing, not touching the face and staying home if they are not feeling well.