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Forget about car washes and bake sales. If your school, team or organization is looking to raise some dough, look no further. Godfather’s Pizza offers several turnkey programs that take the work out of fundraising and help generate the funds your group needs.

To get started contact the management team at your local Godfather’s Pizza and learn more about the fundraising programs they offer. Participation of fundraising program varies by location, however, most locations offer and/or support the following programs.

Slice of the Pie Night

For a fun and interactive way to raise money for your school or organization, schedule a fundraising event at your local participating Godfather’s Pizza. This can be done as needed or on a regular scheduled basis.

How it works: Your organization advertises the special night and invites family and friends to dine at the participating Godfather’s Pizza on an agreed upon date and time period. A minimum of 10 percent of the sales generated from your group during that period is then donated to your organization. Percentages vary by location.

Pizza by the Slice

Concession sales have always been a surefire way to raise money, especially at sporting events, festivals and parades. Adding Godfather’s Pizza to the menu not only helps you raise money but also helps enhance the event.

How it works: Your group purchases pizza from Godfather’s Pizza at a discounted rate and then sells it by the slice for a profit.

Value Card

Available for charitable, religious, educational and other organizations exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501 section(c) (3), the Value Card program is a favorite because of its incredible simplicity.

How it works: Godfather’s Pizza provides your organization with discount cards worth more than $75 in savings at no charge or a nominal fee. Your organization turns around sells these Value Cards for $5 each and keeps 100% of the profits. This means if your group sells just 20 Value Cards, you’ve raised $100!