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Bonus Program

More Money. More Money. It’s easy. The more you work, the more you make.




Eligible employees (Crew member through Shift Supervisor) will be awarded an additional $.40 per each hour (not to exceed 40 hours) worked during the incentive period. The requirements are as follows:

Average Hours – Employee must average a minimum of 10 hours worked per week during the incentive period (fiscal quarter) to be eligible.

Tenure – Employee must be employed a minimum of 30 days prior to the last day of the fiscal quarter.

Status – Employee must be actively employed through the end of the fiscal quarter and during the payout of the bonus (up to two weeks after fiscal quarter ends).


This Employee Retention Bonus Program is effective August 30, 2021.


This program may be modified by GPI at any time and will be evaluated quarterly. While every care has been exercised in compiling the data contained in this document, GPI accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions to the information.


All incentive exception requests must be submitted to the District Manager for review.  If the District Manger agrees, they will forward the exception request to the Human Resources and Accounting departments to be researched and reviewed with the Vice President of Operations for final approval.  Any bonus exceptions not sent through District Manager will not be researched and reviewed for approval.


The quarterly incentive calculation will be based on the employee’s position and location on the first day of the period following the fiscal quarter end.  If an employee is promoted or is demoted at any point during the period being measured, the incentive calculation for that period will be re-evaluated to ensure compliance with the eligibility requirements.


If an employee is on a Leave of Absence (personal or vacation) at any time throughout the quarter, that time will not be counted as hours worked for their average hour’s requirement.

TRANSFER/PROMOTION to a Non-Operations Position

If an employee Transfers or Promotes into a position that is not eligible for the retention bonus that employee will forfeit the retention bonus awarded to their past position.


Only employees currently employed and in good standing at the date of check distribution qualify to receive earned bonus from the prior incentive period.

Employees must be “in good standing”.  Associates who are suspended or who receives a written warning will forfeit the bonus for the period in question.  Employees on an action plan will forfeit bonus for the period(s) covered by the action plan.

Good standing also requires that you must have acceptable attendance, follow proper uniform standards, and comply with other GPI policies and procedures required of their position.

Incentives pertaining to any period or periods may be forfeited due to neglect by the employee to comply with any responsibility or policy where the profitability of GPI may be adversely affected.  Intentional manipulation that may affect any of the measurements in the bonus program is grounds for immediate termination.